News Release of 2016

Announcement of the launch of “BENKAN KIKOH Corporation”

Dear Sirs, we are delighted and enthusiastic regarding this recent notice.
We offer our thanks particularly for the support shown from each of you.

Commencing today, on the 1st of August 2016, we are proud to announce the launch of “BENKAN KIKOH Corporation”.

This company has been established from the merger between BENKAN Corporation’s Buttwelding Fittings business and NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN KIKOH COMPANY, LTD.

From this merger, the inheritence of our traditional production system and quality assurance system, in addition to various other strengths demonstrated through our business, will enable us to continue to meet new challenges in order to satisfy our customers needs to the full extent, and we thank you for your continued support with regard to this change.

Finally, BENKAN Corporation will carry on as an independent company, operating with its Mechanical Joint business.

We appreciate your ongoing business between both Companies in the BENKAN group.

Best Regards,
President & CEO, Shozo Okamoto