Seamless Gas Cylinder

Seamless Gas Cylinders Business

The high pressure gas containers have a welding container filled with LP gas etc. and a seamless container filled with oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.

Seamless gas cylinders are filled with compressed gas or liquefied gas in a high pressure exceeding 1 MPa, and are used for storage and transportation.

As stipulated by the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, safety requirements exist for gas purpose, production, inspection, handling and management.

Our high pressure gas cylinders are generally used as a material of manganese steel, but chromium molybdenum steel gas cylinder, which is stronger than manganese steel gas cylinder, has been further reduced in weight.

The most notable cylinder is referred to as a "Medium Container" holding a capacity of between 40 to 87 liters.

In addition, new needs for high pressure gas cylinders are being sought, and use of our gas cylinders such as SUMI-FINE (internally polished gas cylinder) series for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, CNGV (gas cylinder for compressed natural gas vehicle fuel equipment) series and hydrogen station containers for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, with the development of technology are also possible.