Warning to the Imitation "BENKAN" Fittings

The trademark "BENKAN" is exclusively owned by BENKAN KIKOH Corporation as our Buttwelding Fittings brand name. *

However, it has been brought to our attention that imitation "BENKAN" fittings exist in some parts of the world.

In response to this regrettable matter, we shall take strict legal action against any parties found manufacturing, distributing or using imitation "BENKAN" fittings. Furthermore, we reserve the right to request the dismantling of them even after installation.

For users, we shall not take any responsibility for the loss or damage caused from using imitation "BENKAN" fittings in projects.

In case of any doubt of the authenticity of the product, please contact us.

Our genuine products are available from the Authorized Stockist List :


Please kindly be advised to confirm all the Mill Test Certificates as issued only by BENKAN KIKOH Corporation with our authorized signature.*

Mill Test Certificates dated earlier than August 2016 have been issued under our previous commercial name as follows :

  • BENKAN JAPAN.K.K Until 2014
  • Exception:Thai Benkan Co., Ltd. (Thailand)


Please be cautious of communications from unknown individuals using the name of BENKAN.

Inquiries are being received about suspicious direct mail etc using the Company's name or similar names, to make requests for payment or give guidance to perform services on the individual's behalf.
( requests for your personal information or money investment, and requests to collect money from others in return for a fake job and fake salary, etc. )
Please note that these direct emails are not related to BENKAN at all.

Our company uses the following domains only for email, (@hotmail.com etc. are not used by our staff)
and will also give a contact number in Japan (+81) to discuss any requests made for your peace of mind.

  • @benkan.com
  • @benkankikoh.com