Butt-welding Fittings

Production Range

Production List

Type Shape Meterial
Carbon Steel Alloy Steel Stainless Steel
Elbows Seamless 1/2B--40B 1/2B--40B 1/2B--40B
130t max 130t max 130t max
1-Seam - - 1/2B--14B
20t max
2-Seam 14B--80B 14B--80B 14B--80B
90t max 90t max 90t max
Tees Seamless 1/2B--26B 1/2B--26B 1/2B--26B
130t max 130t max 100t max
1-Seam 16B--48B 16B--48B 16B--48B
100t max 100t max 90t max
2-Seam 22B--66B 22B--66B 22B--66B
100t max 100t max 100t max
3-Seam 8B--40B 8B--40B 8B--40B
75t max 75t max 75t max
Reducers Seamless 3/4--40B 3/4--40B 3/4--40B
110t max 110t max 110t max
1-Seam 16B--80B 16B--80B 3/4B--80B
100t max 100t max 100t max
Caps Seamless 1/2B--80B 1/2B--80B 1/2B--80B
120 max 120 max 120 max
  • In the table, the top figures show Outside Diameter, and the bottom figures indicate wall thickness (mm).
  • Please contact us for more specific details.