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Butt-welding Fittings Business

Butt-welding fittings are fundamental to piping, and fundamental to BENKAN KIKOH Corporation as well.
These foundational components support various infrastructures behind the scene, having an ever-important role in the past, present.

Overseas Sales Enquires

Company Name
BENKAN KIKOH Corporation(Tokyo Office)
2-5-13, Sanno, Ota-Ku, Tokyo, 143-8567, JAPAN
Primary Business
Manufacturing and Selling Butt-welding Fittings and High Pressure Gas Cylinders

High integration, High performance, rapid paced manufacturing processes for semiconductors depend mostly on gas-based systems.
The clean efficiency of these gas-based systems is said to be one of the factors for a major impact on the semiconductor industries future development.

The gas cylinders are the backbone of these systems, which are not able to achieve clean efficiency unless the gas cylinders are able to supply clean gas.

The SUMI-FINE series is a clean gas cylinder taking advantage of unique technology for a polished inner surface, therefore dealing with moisture, particles and other issues in response to a wide range of customer needs.

Picture of SUMI-FINE


Internally polished container types

Max Capacity Pressure
Outer Diameter
Manganese Steel
40.0 14.7 232.0 6.1 1,190 46.5
46.7 14.7 232.0 6.1 1,370 53.5
Chromium-Molybdenum Steel
40.0 19.6 232.0 6.3 1,190 46.5
40.0 14.7 232.0 5.5 1,175 41.0
50.0 19.6 232.0 6.3 1,460 56.5
46.7 14.7 232.0 5.5 1,350 47.0
Stainless Steel
(S) SUS304、316
46.7 5.88 232.0 6.3 1,370 53.5
Stainless Steel
40.0 5.88 232.0 6.3 1,190 46.5

SUMI-FINE container polishing roughness

The roughness of the polishing is expressed as Rmax, which we make available for our customer’s requests at 25μm, 12μm, 6μm and 1μm.

Samples of the container polishing taken from SEM Factory

Samples of the container polishing taken from SEM Factory (12μm)

12μm (SUMI-FINE M12)

Samples of the container polishing taken from SEM Factory (1μm)

1μm (SUMI-FINE M1)