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Butt-welding Fittings Business

Butt-welding fittings are fundamental to piping, and fundamental to BENKAN KIKOH Corporation as well.
These foundational components support various infrastructures behind the scene, having an ever-important role in the past, present.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
BENKAN KIKOH Corporation
5-1, Rokusengoku-Cho, Ota-City, Gunma, 379-2305, JAPAN
Primary Business
Manufacturing and Selling Butt-welding Fittings, Flanges and High Pressure Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders are made as low pressure containers for use with low pressure gas such as LPG cylinders, or made as high pressure containers for high pressure gas such as compressed gas including oxygen and nitrogen.

Among the high pressure containers of compressed gas such as oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon and others exceeding pressure of 1MPA, in addition to liquefied gas such as carbon dioxide, safety is vital when considering storage and transport.

As stipulated by the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, safety requirements exist for gas purpose, production, inspection, handling and management.

In response to these safety considerations for high-pressure gas containers, the "Seamless Container" produced without welding seams is used, and this type of high pressure gas container is a product that demands high reliability.

Manganese Steel is more commonly used as a material, however our high pressure gas containers are manufactured with a high-strength chromium molybdenum steel for further weight reduction. The most notable cylinder is referred to as a "Medium Container" holding an internal volume of between 40 to 87 liters.

In addition, new needs for specialised high pressure gas containers are being sought, and use of our containers such as the internally polished (SUMI-FINE) series for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, the CNG (compressed natural gas container) series or Hydrogen gas stand containers for fuel-cell operated vehicles, with the development of techonology are also possible.

By color according to gas type of high pressure gas container.